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A Florida Business Law Firm dedicated to Community Association Law,
Corporate Representation,
and Real Estate Transactions

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SBK Legal representsclients throughoutFlorida in real estate transactions,contract disputes, and corporate legal issues. Steven B. Katz, Esq., a business attorney, works with community associations, such ascooperatives (co-ops),condominium associations, and homeowner associations. He also representsclients in corporate transactions,commercial, and residential real estate matters.


As a reputable and knowledgeable Florida business attorney, Steve Katz excels in helping clients—individuals and corporations alike—navigate lawsuits via arbitration, mediation, and settlementconferences. His background in corporate law gives him leverage when facilitating complex business transactions in Florida. The SBK Legal team assistsFlorida homeowners with buying new homes, renting properties, and managing other residential real estate matters. SBK Legal professionallycounselsclients in business acquisitions, land development deals, and other corporate transactions. We understand the frustrations of managing a condo association, buying or selling a property, or wanting a swift resolution to a lawsuit or dispute. That’s whyit’scritical to seek out and hire a trustworthy business lawyer.


You deserve a Florida Business and Community Association Lawyer with experience, passion, and commitment to your needs.Florida attorney, Steven Katz, focuses on achieving the best results when good people experience difficult situations.


If you reside in orconduct business in Florida, allow SBK Legal and Business Attorney Steven B. Katz to serve you with reliable, responsive legal counsel.

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What can you expect?


SBK Legal delivers a premierclient experience through tailoring its services and providing high-caliber legal advice. Steven B. Katz, Esq. successfully operates his law firm with integrity and adheres to strict ethical standards and rules set by the Florida Bar. The SBK Legal team enjoyscollaborating with clientele acrossFlorida to develop and foster healthy relationships to achieve exceptional results or overcome extraordinarychallenges.

We are proud to offer quality, efficient legal services in the areas of:



Steven B. Katz, Esq. is an exemplaryFlorida business attorney and founder of SBK Legal in Ft. Lauderdale,Florida. His areas of practice include business law,community association law (working with homeowner associations and condo associations),corporate law, and real estate law. With more than a decade of professional experience as a Florida community association lawyer and business attorney, Steve Katz has developed a gift for resolving legal disputes throughout the state ofFlorida including Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.


When he is not managing the business affairs ofcommunity association boards or overseeing complex real estate transactions,you may hear his friendlyvoice on the other end of the line when you call SBK Legal seeking guidance. Steve is authentic, in touch, and always ready to assist others

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University of Michigan, 1999 – Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and History


Washington College of Law at American University, Washington, D.C., 2002 – Juris Doctorate

Memberships & Affiliations


Florida Bar Association

American Bar Association

University of Michigan Alumni Club of Miami/Ft.Lauderdale

CAI (Community Associations Institute)

NAF Academy ofFinance

Outside of being a legal brainchild, Steve involves himself with communitycausesclose to his heart. As an active member of the University of Michigan Alumni Club for Broward & Miami-Dade, he has helped fundraise for students heading off to UMich. He supports Roots & Wings, a non-profit organization that improves youth education and serves children and families in need. He is an advocate of Bank on Miami, a United Way program that improves the financial stability of low- to moderate-income families in Miami-Dade County. Steve also supports the Petco Foundation, which champions animal rescue organizations locally and nationwide, and the Academy ofFinance, which introduces students to career opportunities in the financial services industry.


In addition to majoring in political science at his alma mater, the University of Michigan, Steve also majored in history and graduated with honors. As a Wolverine, he exemplifies “ferocity and gameness in battle” making him a formidable Florida business lawyer.


Steve Katz was fascinated bycorporate, transactional, and propertylaw and earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the Washington College ofLaw at American Universityin Washington, D.C., over a decade ago.

Steve Katz is one of those people who truly loves his job and takes pride in getting good people out of difficult situations. His drive and dedication are the foundation of his success, and he continues to develop his business acumen and put to practice all he learns to give hisclients the best of himself every day. He values truth and equality and finds pleasure in structuring business deals through applying his legal prowess, vast experience, and creative problem-solving skills to exceed client expectations.


Having built a career through a steadfastcommitment to law studies (and working his way up the ladder from entrylevel law clerkto law firm owner), Steve credits his family because of their history of resilience, endless love, and faithful support



+ How can mycommunity review applications for proposed owners and tenants?


+ Whatcan we do about the animals in mycommunity?


+ We’re thinking about amending our organizational documents. How do we do that?


+ How can we enforce our association’s rules?


+ What is this 40 year inspection Ikeep hearing about?


+ We have a big project looming ahead of us and we are contemplating taking a loan. How do we prepare for that? + How do we avoid the defense of selective enforcement?


+ How do we avoid the defense of selective enforcement?


+ What does the State consider to be an emergency?


+ What is the difference between an officer and a director?


+ My documents provide a specific date and time for our annual meeting but that is neverconvenient. Whatcan we do about that?


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