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SBK Legal represents clients throughout Florida in real estate transactions, contract disputes, and corporate legal issues. Steven B. Katz, Esq., a business attorney, works with community associations, such as cooperatives (co-ops), condominium associations, and homeowner associations. He also represents clients in corporate transactions, commercial, and residential real estate matters.


As a reputable and knowledgeable Florida business attorney, Steve Katz excels in helping clients—individuals and corporations alike—navigate lawsuits via arbitration, mediation, and settlement conferences. His background in corporate law gives him leverage when facilitating complex business transactions in Florida. The SBK Legal team assists Florida homeowners with buying new homes, renting properties, and managing other residential real estate matters. SBK Legal professionally counsels clients in business acquisitions, land development deals, and other corporate transactions. We understand the frustrations of managing a condo association, buying or selling a property, or wanting a swift resolution to a lawsuit or dispute. That’s why it’s critical to seek out and hire a trustworthy business lawyer.


You deserve a Florida Business and Community Association Lawyer with experience, passion, and commitment to your needs. Florida attorney, Steven Katz, focuses on achieving the best results when good people experience difficult situations.


If you reside in or conduct business in Florida, allow SBK Legal and Business Attorney Steven B. Katz to serve you with reliable, responsive legal counsel.

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