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The foundation of corporate law is to regulate the rights and responsibilities of legal entities to conduct business. Corporate law is vast, and attorneys who specialize in this field lead clients through intricate legal challenges while complying with state laws and overseeing corporate management and affairs. They immerse themselves in a multitude of business operations, such as corporation formation, drafting and executing business agreements, governance oversight, and shareholder activity

Florida corporate lawyer Steven B. Katz, Esq. handles diverse legal issues and guides corporate clients in the best direction—always looking ahead to avoid problems before they start. Especially for entrepreneurs, you may want to consult with an attorney about the option of incorporating your business to protect assets. Whether you seek competent legal advice regarding incorporation or require a lawyer to efficiently structure business deals, Steve Katz possesses the skill set to tackle robust concepts and deliver quality results.


Organizing a business has several advantages. One of the most popular benefits of organizing your entity is that it shields business owners from personal liability if sued. And, if you are a large company with multiple owners and operators, incorporation is essential. It may even be a wise direction for sole proprietors wanting to protect personal assets.

Steve Katz, an incorporation lawyer, offers a fresh perspective to direct clients in selecting the type of organization that’s right for their business. Many business owners choose to form a limited partnership (LP) or limited liability company (LLC). Licensed professionals, such as attorneys, form professional associations (PA) or professional limited liability companies (PLLC). Some business owners elect to register as a non-profit corporation if their business meets specific qualifications. Other considerations include various tax advantages based on the corporation type. Consult with a qualified attorney and accountant to discuss your options.

Savvy business managers and executives rely on corporate lawyers to follow the procedures for incorporating businesses. Corporate leaders often engage an attorney to represent their organization as a registered agent, which may involve submitting the annual reports every year. As a registered agent, your Florida corporate attorney will receive critical paperwork on your behalf. Corporate law is multi-faceted, and Florida corporate lawyer Steve Katz possesses the capabilities to generate real results for clients.

Looking for additional assistance?

SBK Legal routinely drafts contracts and business agreements for an array of commercial clients. These documents are an essential part of doing business with any organization or individual providing a service or product, including but not limited to contractors, third-party service providers, and employees. Carefully drafting a business agreement builds the foundation for a healthy collaborative experience amongst parties by laying out the terms of service, costs, a notice of cancellation, requirements, expectations, and more. A thorough and effective agreement should extend protections and benefits to reduce risk and exposure to avoid a costly legal dispute.


Contracts & Agreements

Most people don’t enter into business agreements thinking they will face a breach of contract in the future or file a lawsuit for a contract dispute. Although verbal agreements may be binding in some states, agreements should always be in writing. Protect yourself and your business by engaging Steven B. Katz, Esq., a competent Florida business lawyer, to safeguard your interests by drafting a solid agreement and reviewing any 3rd party document.

Before signing a contract written by another party, first consult with a business contract attorney who will thoroughly assess the document, make recommendations, ensure you understand everything it includes, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. It’s all too common to meet with clients suffering from poorly written agreements or not realizing contractual obligations until it’s too late.

Whether you’re in construction, finance, real estate, or hospitality, the intention of a well-executed contract is to bind the parties in a valid agreement by outlining the offer, acceptance, mutual assent, consideration, capacity, and legality.

Avoid a legal battlefield (not to mention the headache!) of self-managing contract issues. Enlist the services of an effective business contract lawyer. A knowledgeable Florida business attorney can help you determine the best available options and advise you on how to proceed. Consult with a Florida business lawyer to help improve your odds of success.

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